One Direction Colors - Zayn/ Purple

  • time means little to you and you are often late for everything.
  • sensitive and compassionate, understanding and supportive, thinking of others before yourself 
  • secretive, with even your closest friends not really knowing you well.
  • you are the person others come to for help - being needed motivates you but sometimes people take advantage of you.
  • free spirit you are, you love to travel to experience different cultures and meet new people.
  • gentle and free spirit. Your feelings run deep and you can be quite sensitive to hurtful comments from others, although you would never show it.
  • you inspire others with your creative thinking and your ability to deal positively with adversity.
  • creative and like to be individual in most of your endeavors, including your dress and home decoration - you love the unconventional.
  • generous giver, asking for little in return except friendship.
  • dislike being part of the crowd, wishing to stand apart from the mob - you like to be noticed for your individuality. 
  • high ambitions, dreams and desires, and a compulsion to help humanity and to improve the planet earth. 
  • good judge of character and sum others up quite quickly and accurately, although you usually see the best in everybody.

Niall  Liam  Harry  Louis  

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One Direction Colors - Niall/ Yellow

  • yellow personality you are impulsive and make quick decisions, but often.
  • cheerful, outgoing and friendly disposition - totally happy within yourself and it shows.
  • have a happy disposition and are cheerful and fun to be with.
  • creative, often being the one who comes up with new ideas.
  • tend to have your head in the clouds much of the time.
  • use your mind to achieve you goals rather than your physical energy.
  • tend to hide your emotions.
  • spontaneous - you are able to think quickly on your feet and make instant decisions.
  • loving and compassionate person who shows great personal warmth to all you meet - others feel empowered when in your presence.
  • good at networking and getting information out of others. 
  • you radiate charisma, personality and individuality, making others feel relaxed and valued in your company.
  • with your magnetism and your positive outlook on life, you draw people to you who aspire to your level of success.
  • you appreciate life completely - with your optimistic attitude you are not happy to passively sit back and wait for things to happen - you must be an active participant.

 Liam  Harry  Louis  Zayn

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One Direction Colors - Liam/ Blue

  • personality color blue means you are generally fairly even-tempered, unless your emotions take over - then you can become either moody and over-emotional, or cool and indifferent.
  • sensitive to the needs of others and caring with your close circle of friends.
  • conservative, reliable and trustworthy
  • quite trusting of others although you are very wary in the beginning until you are sure of the other person
  • not impulsive or spontaneous - you always think before you speak and act and do everything at your own pace in your own time. 
  • take time to process and share your feelings.
  • genuine and sincere, and you take your responsibilities seriously.
  • appear to be confident and self-controlled, but may be hiding your vulnerable side.
  • you are a rescuer and love to be needed but one of your lessons is to learn to love yourself first - you live from your heart and are always busy putting the needs of others first.
  • need to have direction & order in your living and work spaces - untidiness and unpredictability overwhelm you.
  • don’t like to draw attention to yourself - you prefer to be in the background.
  • don’t like to have discord or conflict in your life, you are often the cause of conflict with others
  • can be too cautious and worry about every little thing.
  • if reacting negatively, you are prone to self-pity.

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One Direction Colors - Louis/ Red

  • the personality color red you have a passion and enthusiasm for life and are not afraid to pursue your dreams and goals.
  • extroverted and optimistic, courageous and confident.
  • action oriented and physically active - sex is a necessity to you - you have strong survival instincts.
  • you like to be the center of attention - other people are drawn to the vitality and sense of excitement you emit.
  • ambitious and competitive and like to be the winner
  • gain the respect of others quite easily with your practical and grounded attitude and ability to set boundaries.
  • impulsive - you should count to 10 before reacting to situations as it is in these situations that your anger and aggression often appears.
  • strong need for power and control which is connected to your basic survival instincts. 
  • deepest need is for physical achievement, fulfillment and satisfaction and to experience life through the five senses.

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One Direction Colors - Harry/ Green

  • personality color green means you are kind, generous and compassionate - good to have around during a crisis as you remain calm and take control of the situation until it is resolved.
  • practical, down-to-earth person with a love of nature.
  • good citizen and like to be involved in community groups.
  • caring and nurturing to others - however you must be careful not to neglect your own needs while giving to others.
  • high moral standards and doing the right thing is important to you.
  • loyal friend and a faithful partner, gentle but not passionate.
  • not a risk-taker and not action orientated, rather more of an observer. You love to sit in a café and watch the world go by.
  • good listener and can view others problems with empathy, clarity and a balanced analysis, seeing both sides while showing respect and caring.
  • community-minded people, fairly sociable but preferring peace at any price, modest and patient.
  • negative side to the green personality is a tendency towards envy and jealousy.

Niall  Liam   Louis  Zayn

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Darren at the MTV VMAs x

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